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Actor. Comedian. Writer. Creative Entrepreneur. Emotional Revolutionary. (Also good at admin).

Hello and welcome to my website. Come in and make yourself at home. You can spend as much time here as you like, there is no judgement from me and the truth is I won’t know about it anyway. If it gets problematic and you are visiting it more than you feel is normal, rational or healthy you should speak to someone, you don’t have to deal with this alone. If you’re just here for occasional recreational use, that’s cool too. Everything in moderation, right? Be safe. Be happy. Let’s get this cyber party started.

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Jessica destroying the 2013 London Marathon with a legendary performanceIn 2013, I took on the most epic physical challenge of my life so far and ran the London Marathon.I managed to raise over £2,000 for Mind the mental health charity and make compression socks sexy again (one of these statements is true).

This photo was taken moments before I crossed the finish line of the 26.2 mile race, completing it in 5 hours 12 minutes, with no walking. I can’t believe I still found the energy to pose, even then.

It was absolutely incredible and an experience and one that I will always cherish, despite the fact that I got overtaken by a camel!

Since writing the statement above I have now given birth to my son (he didn’t arrive with that moustache) and I can now say that THAT was the most epic physical, emotional and spiritual challenge of my life so far. Wow. Although there was no medal at the end of labour I did get to meet the human being I’d been housing and nurturing for months and I didn’t have to collect any sponsorship money in at the end. Win win. I was so inspired by our calm, gentle, empowered Hypnobirth that I trained to become a Hypnobirthing teacher and set up my own business at the start of this year. Mutha Courage Hypnobirthing. For a Down-to-Earth Hypnobirth. Even if you don’t have a womb, check out the website. It’s good to to know how awesome birth can be, whoever you are. We’re all born goddammit!
 You can also read about my journey into the heart of postpartum psychosis in my Mutha Courage Blog. It’s not as dark as it sounds. Or is it…? Ooooooooohhhhh.