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About Jessica

Jessica PidsleyJessica Pidsley is an actress, comic performer and writer. She is constantly seeking exciting new collaborators to create new projects with whilst working solo to create shows, characters and write books. GSOH.

Right, that is enough of the lonely hearts style ‘About Me’ section.

The truth is, I am continually writing, performing and creating in order to try to understand myself and the world around me a bit better. I am and always have loved being centre-stage, from my first stage experience, age 4, playing a naughty witch in our ballet show. From the moment I got my first laugh I was hooked and I’ve been enjoying getting them ever since. Who knows, if no-one had laughed I may have ended up working in publishing.

If there isn’t an opportunity to perform I will create one and that has been a big influence in terms of my personal projects and I’m excited to see what work I feel compelled to create over the next few years.