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Articles is where you will find my blog all about the Peace & War of my postpartum psychosis experience. I know it sounds like a bleak read, but it really isn’t. I promise.

This was in the Independent, so, you know, it must be important…

Here are the various Spotlight Articles I have written, for you to peruse at your leisure…

Post Dramatic Stress Syndrome: Part One

Well, hello there. If you’re reading this first line it’s probably because the title has piqued your interest. You’ve probably either recently found yourself post-drama school, you’re soon to be post-drama school or you saw “survival”, have a thing for Ray Mears or Bear Grylls, and are hoping this article will explore ways to make a camp fire in a black box theatre space… Read more

Post Dramatic Stress Syndrome: Part Two

Hello there and welcome back. It’s so lovely for you to join me again. If this is your first time reading one of my Post-Dramatic Stress Syndrome posts then welcome, I’m going to drop you in at the deep end and jump straight in where I left off last week.

Don’t worry, you can handle it. You’ve just become a professional actor, you’re not going to let a little thing like reading an article back to front faze you… Read more

Graduate Survival Guide

Hello there. I would just like to start this article by saying congratulations – you’ve graduated! Well done you. You’ve done it. Breathe. You survived. Breathe. You made it. Breathe. Yes, that’s right. You will now actually have some time to breathe again… Read more

Spotlight Showcase Advice

Let’s be honest, we all like being in the spotlight. One of my first professional ventures into said spotlight was at the Spotlight Showcase in 2009 (That may be the most I have ever written spotlight in one introduction)… Read more

Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Songs of Innocence

Oh my goodness, it’s a relief to be writing to you guys again. I’ve been writing a lot of responses to interviews, online articles and new blogs in the last couple of weeks, so it’s lovely to come home, put my metaphorical slippers on and write for Spotlight once again. Can someone pop the kettle on please? Read more

Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Songs of Experience

Well, hello there all you delightful Spotlightees. I am back from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Goodness me. I almost can’t believe it’s done. It’s taken me the best part of a couple of years to get there… Read more

New Year, not so new you

Well hello there my lovelies. Wow. 2013. Here we go. What a year 2012 was. Whatever it has involved for you I can almost guarantee it has been Busy. That’s right. With a capital B… Read more

Wakey Wakey Actors: How not to fall asleep when you’re resting

Ah. Resting. Sounds relaxing doesn’t it? Lewis Carroll’s epic poem “The Jabberwocky” suddenly springs to my mind… Read more