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★★★★ Scotsgay: Jessica Pidsley’s I Can Make You Thin(k) An hour of dazzling stand-up with the scintillating Pidsley, guiding us through an exploration of our emotionally turbulent relationship with our bodies. Pidsley describes herself as ‘the stand-up version of Gok Wan’, and I felt this was a huge assertion to make. But Pidsley certainly lives up to her claim, with this concise dissection of societal messages, learned behaviour and how to make a change. It’s not just another treacly-sweet-love-yourself diatribe; Pidsley is dynamic and funny whilst getting her point across in an unassuming manner.

With technical tomfoolery, political throw-aways and acid one-liners that are hit out like pellets out a bb gun, Pidsley is a natural on stage. She ad-libs and interacts with the audience with a manner as slick as Gok Wan’s fashion sense, and they all identify with her. Pidsley is self-deprecating to the extreme, and we eagerly absorb it all in, hoping that Pidsley’s ultimate journey of self-discovery will convey itself to us through atmosphere osmosis. She delves into her school photographs to identify the pinnacle of her descent into childhood obesity, and behind the gags this is where Pidsley has a real message to convey. That she does this through satirical parody compels us to take note in a way some of us normally never wood, and when she hands out ‘L-plate sized badges for learning to love yourself, even the most emotionally blunt granite hearts (ie. me) are eager to join the campaign. The self-abuse charity video is a comedy masterstroke, and I’ll be searching for that on YouTube later!

Pidsley is candidly compelling and risqué, with an avant-garde sexiness and confidence supporting her comedy that draws us in like middle aged lesbians around a litter of kittens. JFS Scotsgay – Jessica Pidsley’s I Can Make You Thin(k) – Interviews

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Brighton Festival Reviews

★★★★★ What’s On Stage: I Can Make You Thin(k) (Upstairs at Three & Ten, Brighton Fringe Festival) …When all is said and done this is a comedy show, so funny that she had the audience literally crying with laughter, however we also leave the room feeling really positive about ourselves. Each and every one of us feeling our self confidence boosted and knowing, full well, that she really did make us think! Lyndsay Gardner

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Jessica Pidsley discusses the intriguing subject of self-image, joining Amelia and Sarah in the studio she talks about how we view our bodies and how happiness can be achieved through the mind without changing our image. Jessica Pidsley’s I Can Make You Think is stand up comedy with a serious message attached. Listen here

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★★★★ Around the World in 80 Days “Most astonishing, though, is Jessica Pidsley in a terrifically warm and funny professional debut as Passe-partout. One of the most ticklish scenes involves her repeatedly and exhaustedly switching from playing Passepartout, who cannot lie, and a member of staff at a British Consulate who will not give out any information, ending up in a brilliant tangle of costumes, props and accents. She is a comic actor to watch.” Elisabeth Mahoney The Guardian

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