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Jessica Pidsley's ImoerfectionsIn 2012 I wrote a blog that inspired me to write my first book. I set myself a writing challenge to write 80,000 words, which I did and “Jessica Pidsley’s Imoerfections: A Perfectionist’s Guide to Becoming Imoerfect” is the result…

A comical self-help book for anyone who’s ever worried that they weren’t enough just as they are. Part diary, part biography, part self-help manual, part literary experiment. Jessica Pidsley is the perfectly imperfect author for this book and shares her journey into the heart of her perfectionism to help you feel that bit more normal. Becoming imoerfect is about allowing what “is” rather than constantly pursuing what “should be” and is a celebration of our inherent contradiction, our essential humanness.

At only £2.99*, can you afford not to?

*if you don’t have a Kindle, iPad or iPhone this book will cost considerably more.

Interviews about the book!

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What the public are saying…

★★★★★ Throw out all the other self help books!
By Jen Jam
How many self help books have you read? Done all the worksheets? Ticked all the boxes? And did you get “there”? Nah, me neither. I read this in three sittings and I already feel more inspired that I’ve ever done. I mean have. Ha ha – me, a perfectionist? Only if I’m getting my auxiliary verbs mixed up.

Buy this book. It’s only a few quid and you’ll laugh, cry and feel inspired all at the same time. Which is pretty freaky. But entirely wonderful!

★★★★★ Head On
By Santa
This book is a real wow, to have sat down consistently over such a short period of time to achieve “what you want to say” with a target goal in both the length of the book and the self imposed time frame is awesome.
Not only is it a good read, it opens up many nagging doubts in ourselves that the honesty of tackling our own imeorfections is not that simple. To decide to write an unedited book also shows a character, purpose and honesty that can only but be admired. 10/10

★★★★★ Funny, inspirational and above all: human.
By Mr Jackelope
I saw Jessica’s stand up show in Edinburgh this year, and loved how she managed to be not only very funny but also make me feel a little bit better about myself. This book follows very much in the same fashion – funny enough to get me strange looks on the tube as I try to stifle guffaws, but Jessica writes so openly and honestly about her life and struggles with being alive that you can’t help but feel a little less alone as well.

The style is unusual – she has only allowed herself one ‘edit’ of each section, and so the book is presented with some errors left in. Although initially my inner pedant was on overdrive, this suits the message of the book so well (It’s all about learning to live with and embrace our inadequacies rather than trying to hide them) that a few chapters in I’d given that inner pedant the day off, and felt all the better for it!

Imoerfections is a funny self-help book about vulnerability, a diary of creative struggle and biography all in one. It’s brilliant.

Seriously, can you afford not to?