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This is the end (do-do-do) beautiful friends the end…ep.40

This is my last video diary of the Edinburgh festival (it’s been emotional) that’s me done for another year, but in the words of Senator Schwarzenegger “I have inhaled, exhaled everything.”  (no not those words) “The c**k isn’t a muscle so it doesn’t grow in relation to the shoulders, say, or the pectorals. You can’t make it bigger through exercise, that’s for sure.” * (or that one) “I’ll be back…” (There we go, we got there in the end!) Thank you for being on the journey with me. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you.

Until next time, Jessica Pidsley X

*Genuine quotes from Arnie


Meta Vlog ep.39

That’s right. This is the video blog (vlog) just before my last show at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. Hold on my last sold out show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Also this is actually a meta-vlog (that’s right you heard) this is a 3rd person recording of Matt recording me doing my diary (woooaaahh that is like so arty or something) I absolutely adored my last show it was delightful.  This is how I was feeling just before it…


Rose Tinting in Progress ep.38

This is my penultimate performance day at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I am really savouring these last couple of days, becuase before I know it it will be over and I’ll have bought a pair of those pretty pink tinted sunglasses and will be remembering it as one of the most incredible month of my life, which it has been…but not just becuase is all been fun and easy, but partly because I’ve survived (having said that there’s still a day to go! and two nights!!)


Showtime ep.37

Well it wouldn’t be right not to take you out to see a show, well, to see me about to see a show. I had to take you along because my nap over-ran and if I didn’t I wouldn’t have done my video diary before midnight and then I would run the risk of losing my shoes and my legs turning into pumpkins or something like that. Just 2 more days left now guys. The end is in sight…


Deep Fryday ep.36

It’s Friday, that must make it fish and chip day. I certainly don’t make a habit of it, but twist my arm tonight felt like a takeaway kind of night. The smell bought back memories of when I used to work in a chippy. I used to take home all the leftovers twice a week, which probably didn’t exactly help me stay out of the morbidly obese category of the BMI chart when I was younger, but all in moderation. (well, not ALL…I’m not going to do a small portion of smack for dessert, but you know what I mean) Yum. Yum. Night. Night.


Business meets Pleasure ep.35

The work of the Edinburgh performer never ends. In this video we see the most outrageous case of work-based deligation ever, some harmless flirting and then some more flirting (none of it is mine!) Thank goodness we have such a trusting relationship (right, that’s enough, get your hands off my husband) We’re going out on a date tonight. I hope he will want to see me again…it could make the marriage rather awkward if not.


Flyering High (Featuring John Bishop) ep.34

It’s only right that I let you see a bit of the flyering magic in progress. No one in Edinburgh is safe from the advertising machine that is J-Pid, even famous people like John Bishop (My Mate J-Bish as I now call him) aren’t immune from my random approaches of paper and enthusiasm.


Edinburgh Fringe: Heaven ep.33

…and after a wonderful nearly sold out show with a joyful audience this is what I experience. What a life. Right we’re having a mexican party at our place tonight. Let the good times roll. Ole!


Edinburgh Fringe: Hell ep.32

There are two video diaries today…as I just thought it was such a perfect illustration of what a staggering difference 3 hours can make in Edinburgh. You can see what an incredible mixture of exhaustion, irrational thought, vulnerability, excitement, adrenalin and joy this experience can be. I am aware that it makes me seem a little unstable and pschizoid (what you see is what you get)…


Art House on the Hill ep. 31

Right. So. For today’s video diary I take you on a trip up Arthur’s seat (you lucky things you) but the first minute has no sound so you’ll find it more enjoyable to watch if you view it like an art house picture. The gist of what I’m saying is…

“This is an expressive dance of my time in Edinburgh”

“Being up this high puts it all in perspective”

“Ow, the sun is in my eyes move the camera back round”

and finally “today is the first day I really felt proud of myself for what I’ve achieved this month”

Then the sound kicks in and it’s jolly windy, but that comes with being up a big hill.

Enjoy. X