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Bring A Bottle is a show full of stimulating entertainment and comedy for people who happen to be parents. Babies, bumps, nappy changes, crying, gurgling and pre-first word heckling welcome. A Big Giggle for the Big Scream generation. Jessica Pidsley will put a spring in your sleep deprived step and have you laughing at things today you were crying about yesterday.

I am doing a London tour of Bring A Bottle in April 2015.

Dates and venues are…

Tuesday 28th April. Ritzy Picturehouse, Brixton. 11am. 0871 902 5739

Wednesday 29th April. East Dulwich Picturehouse. 11am. 0871 902 5749

Thursday 30th April. Clapham Picturehouse. 11am. 0871 902 5727

Friday 1st May. Greenwich Picturehouse. 11am. 0871 902 5732



The 50th CENTiles: Hip Hop for Tots massive will be hitting your YouTube screens this year. Our debut video Digital Native, Baby will be released soon. Word.

I will also be performing a brand new show Mutha Courage and her Child at the RADA Festival in June 2015